Ban Voluntaryism

As concerned citizens and parents, we forbid the practice of, or dissemination of literature about, voluntarism. Voluntarism is a cult that convinces our children to stop respecting authority, to stop voting, and worst of all to stop obeying the orders of our Law Enforcement Officers. Because this cult is growing rapidly in numbers, we feel it is time to take a stand.

Voluntaryist cult leaders often convince young people that government is immoral and unnecessary, and that humans can "flourish" without government. But this is just another name for Anarcky! Anarcky is the belief that war, chaos and corruption are good things.

Voluntaryists have shown blatant disregard for our government's soldiers, calling them derogatory names like "paid killers", and often urging them to drop their weapons and start doing "weed" (which is a slang word for the drug of marijuana cigarettes). We believe this is unacceptable and unpatriotic.

Individual members of the anti-government extremist Voluntaryist Cult often support views like "voluntary socialism", "free market anti-capitalism", "communism", "property rights", "terrorism", "decriminalization", and "free love". It is imperative that we act to ensure voluntaryism is exposed and banned. Please contact your local representatives and media to warn them about this growing threat. They can find more information here:

We, the undersigned, commit ourselves to exposing and banning voluntaryism and all activities hither thereupon related



  • Abject Faliure Ban free speech!? LOL the idiocy of statism never ceases to amaze me. The fact that you can't even spell anarchy is laughable. This shit can't be real. From the signers of this petitions names and comments, it looks like over half of them ARE anarchists/voluntaryists. LOL FAIL!

  • Jayla Nyx Anarky is dumb. I think we should control all the people and all the things. Know why? Cuz I don't like 'em. No one should do anything but shut up, die in wars, pay your damn taxes to pay for everything. Let the government take it and take care of it. Freedum is chaos.

  • redbloodblackflag Anarchy isnt the belief that war chaos and corruption are good things. If that were the case, anarchists would support Government. D'oh!

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    Jay Bedingfield, United States

    1 year ago Comments: It's RLY bad you guys!
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    Fred Flinstone, United States

    1 year ago Comments: these people have to be stopped before people start thinking for themselves and causing trouble for the rest of us.
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    Barack Obummer, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I have 2 words for these voluntaryists: "Predator drones."
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