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The is a website started by Nik Richie to make fun of poor people they don't even know in such a vicious way by steAling their pictures on their websites and profiles. As seen on Dr. Phil, the victims are so affected by this they can't even leave their house; and the creator can care less who it affects. He is actually PROUD for all the people he has hurt, makes a profit on it all and actually joins in the hurtful comments that other people on the website post on these people whose pictures are stolen and basically judge the person on Only the picture instead of their personality. Help u remove this hurtful website from existence and show their truly terrible maker what a horrible person he really is! And to help us take these poor peoples photos off before one of them takes it personally and takes their life like so many others have in the same situation.


  • Jon K Middlecamp This site is useless garbage

  • Peter Julian With all the issues with cyber bullying this site is the last thing the world needs, they should be ashamed to call themselves human.

  • J Horrible website; seeing people you know on here is a huge turnoff. If you want to really know about a person, talk to them, don't stoop to the level of a 14 year old and talk crap about them online.

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    Shelby Chesebro, United States

    4 days ago Comments: The website www.thedirty.Com should be shut down for the good of humanity because it is not only a "slut-shaming" site, it promotes cyber bullying, which is ILLEGAL! Nik Richie is promoting cyber bullying by allowing random strangers to post bullying comments about others. He continues to defend his "work" by claiming his First Amendment rights, which I don't believe he should be exercising through a shaming and bullying website. I think it is absolutely disgusting that he has been defended in and out of court by supporters and the ACLU. Cyber bullying needs to be put to rest and would be a GREAT first step in getting this done. I have not personally been posted on or even commented on said website, but I am here to defend ALL women who have been posted on the website as a bullying tactic by others, whether the content of the posts and comments are true or not. Any type of bullying, such as what this site promotes, is UNACCEPTABLE! Let's shut down this website and stop giving Nik Richie any sort of satisfaction in his "work." This man absolutely disgusts me. This man has a wife and daughter for Christ's sake! It is appalling that he is so inconsiderate of woman-kind, knowing he has a wife and daughter that could be posted on his website if anyone were so inclined, but of course he has moderators and would NEVER let any negative content be posted about them, yet he has no problem with strangers posting negative and disgusting content about the average woman out there. Shut this man down now! He is a disgrace a man, a husband, and a father!
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    Rachel Pierce

    2 weeks ago Comments: this site is absolutely disgusting. It causes people to become suicidal. fortunately I have not found myself a victim of this site however, a friend of mine has and it has caused him such distress. This site should be labeled as a retaliation site for losers.
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    Brenda leblanc

    2 weeks ago Comments: -
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