Get Peter Popoff off the air

We, the undersigned, object to the so-called ministry of TV evangelist, Reverend Peter Popoff - in both theology and practice. Despite this man being publically outed as a fraud by James Randi some years ago, Peter Popoff is back in business, making a huge amount of money by misleading the poor and vulnerable - and daring to do so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We the undersigned find Popoff\'s ministry and lifestyle biblically, morally and ethically objectional, and thoroughly reprehensible. We ask that Christians refuse to support this man any longer financially, or in word or spirit - until the unlikely event he publically repents for his lies, greed, underhand practices and his preaching of a false prosperity message, and proves to the world he has changed. We further ask that Television Broadcasters and/or watchdogs will shut down his television ministry (in all nations) and that all Christian television or media refuses to continue to publicise this man or his ministry, as the ministry is based on fraud, deceit and false advertising. We also ask governmental authorities to pull the ministry up for deceitful ongoing practices: including but not limited to the personalised chain letters sent out in bulk, making misleading decietful claims to be special revelations for only that recipient, and promising earthly riches, health or other blessing in return for a financial \'seed\' donation, and the dubious religious relics - holy mineral water, miracle manna, sacred salt etc his ministry applies misleading claims to. Not only do we feel that he brazenly misleads the public as to the true source for the salt and mineral water etc, but we feels it encourages superstition and pagan belief rather than true faith in God. We call on Peter Popoff and his associates to publically repent before God of charlatanism in the name of Jesus Christ, to stop preaching a false prosperity message for his own gain, and to stop living a glutinous and luxurious lifestyle, and to instead start living a life to glorify God and spread the true gospel. God will not be mocked. This petition will be forwarded to Reverand Popoff and other parties including the Charities Commission, Senator Grassley, TV watchdogs etc.


Concerned Christians sick of the church going to the dogs -



  • Michael Williams It has well been established that popoff is a fraud and a charlatan. Maybe we should hold the criminals who allow him to run his con nationally accountable. This precisely defines bet as "black evil television", as characterised in an early episode of the Boondocks. We need to boycott this network until we see the faces of those responsible!

  • Paul petersen We need to get this criminal off of television.

  • Ravenna Blade Get this mother f**ker OFF the air already. Scamming SOB needs to rot in prison

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    Paul petersen

    2 months ago Comments: We need to get this criminal off of television.
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    Ravenna Blade

    8 months ago Comments: Get this mother f**ker OFF the air already. Scamming SOB needs to rot in prison
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    Norman Dickinson, United States

    9 months ago Comments: Get this lousy dirt bag of a fraud off the air!!!!!!!
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