Saving America's Girls: Banning Child Beauty Pageant Abuse

Everyday over 25,000 girls compete in over 3,000 beauty pageants all across America. While some people believe it mayhelp some girls to fell "pretty", it in many ways will cause permanent damage to the self image. Yes, I know the girl who won may feel as beautiful as the prettiest jewel ever exposed, but what about the girls who didn't win? How do they feel? Who's thinking about them? Some girls were interviewed (yes, the one's that didn't win)and they were asked why they think the didn't win, some said:

"Because I wasn't pretty enough."
"Because nobody liked my talent."
"Because I didn't use the make-up mommy got."
"Because I don't have what she has." (pointing to the girl who won)

Things like this inspire jealousy, low self-esteem, and self destructive behavior such as bulima, anorexia, self mutilation, self isolation, social anxiety, compulsive excersize disorder, botox, self tanning/oil tanning, OCD, binges, drug abuse, monotonous personality disorder, bitterness, perfectionalism, social phobia, sucidal behaviors, etc. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, SAVE THE GIRLS OF AMERICA!!! STOP THE ABUSE OF YOUNG GIRLS!! PLEASE, THEY NEED YOU!

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder· Dehumanization· Denial· Destabilisation· Exaggeration· Adult grooming· Child grooming· Lying· Manipulation· Minimisation· Personality disorders· Psychological projection· Psychological trauma· Psychopathy· Rationalization (making excuses)· Victim blaming· Victimisation




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  • Emine Bayram Parents are forcing their children to compete at beauty pageants and claim that their kids really like it. Also, the parents whiten the teeth of their TODDLERS, wax their eyebrows, spray them with spray-tan, put fake eyelashes on their eyelashes and sexualize their toddlers clothes, behavior and dancing. Just for the parents' fun or the confirmation that their kid is beautiful... CPS should really be on the parents toes. Putting in on TV on a network called The Learning Channel (TLC) is ridiculous. I won't be shocked when I hear that a parent allowed plastic surgery on his or her kid to win a pageant but I will be sad because I know that these parents have no limits to win and can't see that fact anymore.

  • Marijke van der Zanden It's so said....its not about the kids but its all about the moms.I think its damaging these kids.

  • Christopher Laws Child beauty pageants should be STOPPED. Where do we draw the line between "beauty pageant" and "child pornography" These pageant directors and especially the parents are doing nothing but exploiting thees children in order to make money. Theses children should be growing up playing, and wanting to be doctors, or police officers, or super heros. NOT caring about what they look like and believing that what they look like or that they look better then the other little girl is the only thing that matters or is what makes a persons self worth. Thats not how child hood should be, these parents should be arrested for what they put there children through. I whole heartedly believe that there should be an age restriction to anything that sexualizes a person, especially a little girl. Im a nearly 30 year old man, and even i am disgusted by what these so called "beauty pageants" do to our children. Our society is becoming so twisted and our since of right and wrong is becoming so skewed, all in the order of making "reality TV" that we have lost sight of whats morally right and wrong, and these child pageants are definitely WRONG to the fullest extend. So lets get the make up, and fake breasts off our children and lets put them back in the playgrounds where they belong.

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