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The UK media laws are in need of urgent review. Most civilised countries ban non nationals from owning media as it is not in the national interest. Rupert Murdoch has seen fit to avoid these laws in the USA by adopting citizenship there instead of his native Austrailia. The Murdochs as a family and organisation have proven themselves unfit to own media in the UK. We, the undersigned, demand that News International is banned from owning any UK media whatsoever, whether print or televisual. Only EU nationals will be forthwith allowed to own UK media. Any member or representative of the Murdoch family is banned from owning UK media interests even in the event of a switch of nationality.



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    Mr Paul Wilson, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: News Corp are the worst of the worst, totally vial, emotionally and Humainly detatched slime. The only other persons in History that are so lacking in Moral Feeling are, Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gadaffi, Osama Bin Ladin and the like. Also i beleive that the Murdoch family as a whole are treating the international comunity like fools as if we are to stupid to catch them. After hacking the 9/11 families i hope America imposes the Death Penalty.
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    Mr Carl Raymond Peat, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Since Wapping and before Murdoch and co have systemically with the use of their media sought to undermine thge moral cohesiveness of this country, their reporting has been devise. Their methods of News gathering have been lowbrow to say the least, The use of paid police informers, and politicians, has subverted a system that used to be the envy of democracies worldwide . Everyone at News International is tarred with the same brush, they have sucked the cock of Murdoch style capitalism, and bypassed its natural consequences with a moral enema. I want N I to go now all the staff should resign and retrain, and put as much distance between themselves and The Dirty Digger as they can GOTCHA !
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    Lia Young, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: -
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