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Ban Gaiaonline

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Hello, my name is Shannon, and I am no longer a Gaiaonline user since August of 2008. I suggest Gaia be ban because it demands money from it's users..ALOT. Every day/week, they come out with a item, that has to be bought from the Cash Shop. This is the shop where items for your avatar with real money. You can buy Gaia Cash with really money, and buy the items in the Cash Shop. They have Cash Cards in which you can buy them for $10 or $25. Gaia bans people for stuff they have no evidence of doing. I was banned for being accuse of botting, because I had recently got a new computer, and I was pulling up the pages really fast. So, everything I earned, ALL GONE. Gaia is a trap for people. You know you can be banned for having too much gold For my final statement, Gaia should be banned because it asks for too much. Myspace is a cool website, and you don't see them asking for money. Hangout websites should make people pay to keep them up. That's why we have Myspace, and Facebook. People don't have to go to Gaia to meet friends. They can get their emails, and IM them, or get their cell phone numbers.




  • 7 years ago
    Derrick United States
    7 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Caleb Kraus United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    shaquisha bob United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Aaron Morse United States
    8 years ago

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