NcSoft Stop the Farmers and Bots !!!

Hi guys, i started this petition because a lot of players are tired to see a lot of Bots and Farmers in Game, we just want to play it and we can\'t do it a lot of times, and sometimes we got killed by the Bot controlers. Maybe this don\'t will work t NcSoft but it\'s a try. Put your main char here and the server you play and help to spread the info for this petition so we can send it to NcSoft. Greetings to all Mg


Lineage2 Anti Bot/Farmers Petition


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    Jiggy, United States

    5 years ago Char Name: Jiggy
    What Server you play: Phoenix
    Comments: You are all ignorant, I have been botting parttime on most of my chars, this can for one be a bad thing BUT, I would not be able to buy all the gear my women ask from me if I dont have a reliable income. I have been scamming a few of my previous clans and most of the women I have been e-sexing when they finally left the game, a few accounts are banned over time, who cares.
  • username

    , United States

    6 years ago Char Name: Ghast
    What Server you play: Bartz
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    , Portugal

    7 years ago Char Name: ObrFarming
    What Server you play: Devianne Luna Batz Teon
    Comments: Hi everyone. I would like to state a few facts for everyone that goes around saying that farmers suck and all that... First of all i would like to say : Hi, my name is Obr and i M a farmer. This is my part time Job. i had to take this job because my income could not support my life style and my way of living, soo a few years ago i started farming. By farming one will understand this: the use of third party software to automate gameplay... that is what usualy every one thinks when they use the term farming. and yes that is partly true we do use 3 party software. simply because i lack the man power to do it all being that i am a single person not a company. on the other hand, if you look at it from another prespective using a bot program does not make you a farmer. a farmer is the one that usualy has more in game knowlege then most players. we are the ones that set the market tendencys prices and ofc what gets sold or not. we do this with a lot of effort. too many hours in front of the computers, studying markets. and trying to judge whats the best thing to craft, when to sell and at what prices. in order to gain enougth revenue to continue, make some profit and do not overflow the market. You all constantly say that farmers suck, well i would agree with the sentence real players boting to achieve greateness suck. those bot their asses off, till they are high lvls, and then just go pvp or compete on oly and say they are the ubber shit. for us, damn we have the highest lvls of every server. we have the best gear (if we want to) and all we want is to take that litle spot. get our litle drops. and then go play the markets. farming is a job and a pation. its a totaly diferent game in L2, the ability to produce more adena then anyother player. its not easy... there are too many factors that make it slower or faster. most of them, average players are completly oblivious to them.... the only thing you guys know is to bitch about us, and say we re bad. well let me tell you what would happen if we werent around. forget the ebaying factor you wouldnt be able to buy any adena. wich you most would say that would be good. but on the other hand this would happen, there wouldnt be anything in giran for sale. you wouldnt be able to buy pots shots armors weapons. cause everything done in the legit way would mean that the averege player to equip him self in A grade would have to be smt close to 77. or have a full clan supporting him to craft his things. we all know that wouldnt happen to 40 ppl less 200... every player that would get a drop would go to giran to sell it but being that he would probly be the same then he would set the price he would see has fair, wich believe me would be a lot. why wouldnt it, he has the only one around. and then all the other players that would like to have what the first one was selling wouldnt be able to buy it, cause uh well ther ewouldnt be any adena circulating. the markets would slowly staganate and the game would colapse on it self. a real life example... look at the US economy, what happening there atm, is some how similar to what would happen if we dissapeaerd. i would just like to do one more remark. to all the ppl who think its funny to kill farmers and go red on them and all. can i just ask smt to those players ARE YOU STUPID look at it this way. usualy our problem is to make the xp slow down, cause we want to farm specific places. for specific things. when you kill us without knowing you are in fact helping us. by slowing it down. we will be back up has soon has we realised we are down. you on the other hand will have karma ( maybe risking loosing some of your gear) will either loose xp time or money to take the karma down. and for what to stop a train for 30 minutes i would advise this. first try to pm the leader of the party, and see if he ll stop or leave. if he doesnt. then just choose some other spot. and plz dont tell me that in all of aden you cannot. if they were real players you would leave anyway soo why not respect the ppl that are working to make a living i guess thats all i have to say atm. i just wanted to shed some ligth into this matter cause you all talk, but you never see our side. soz if this isnt the rigth place, but i would like to ask for this not to be deleted. thank you. Sincerly Obr
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