Ban Public Use/Miuse of Fireworks

Fireworks displays are an American tradition and we look forward to viewing them on the 4th of July and New Years. However, now instead of attending profesional displays, consumers are buying and setting them off in their backyards. These exploding sounds, along with the color bursts dangerous; they burn, maim and kill. Half of emergency visite are due to fireworks being used by children. The other victims are animals. Horses have been killed running into fences, out onto highways, trying to escape the frightening fireworks. Humans are also affected by the smoke and destructiveness of them landing on their houses, porch screens, vehicles and littering yards. Dogs, cats, birds and wildlife are shell shocked from the barrage of noises. There are plenty of professional displays for the public to view fireworks. There is no reason whatsoever for private, non professional individuals to have them in their backyard. The fireworks industry is attempting to legalize fireworks in the State of Florida for year round use. Please sign this petition against the use of any and all fireworks by private individuals.


We are a groups of individuals who have been severely affected from the misuse of backyard fireworks. We have seen our horses injured and killed and heard horror stories of children being maimed and killed,as well as other family pets suffering from the smoke and noise.


This website has a public comment form so you can submit your comments directly to the Task Force that is holding meetings from now thru December, 2007. Final recommendations go to the Florida leglislature in January, 2008.


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    Pedro Molina, New Zealand

    2 years ago Comments: Fire works should be banned full stop ...
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    Dennis Bresenhan, United States

    7 years ago
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    Roy Carter, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Most people that use these devices are impaired at the time of use and have no regard for the people in the neighborhood they are in.
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