Ban Videos of "happy slapping" and violence!

I am disgusted with the amount of RECORDED VIOLENT ATTACKS!that have been allowed to be uploaded to hosting sites such as I believe it is unaceptable and should be made illegal to post such revolting content! These crimes should not by anymeans be allowed to be broadcasted, whether or not not the criminals were brought to justice at the time. When people sit around watching "HAPPY SLAPPING" Videos, listening to the screams of their victims and relishing their pain, it\'s nothing short of evil. Plus you also have to feel for how the victims will react if they accidentally come to witness there own attacks. If you believe this is unaceptable, please help by signing this pettion. \"\" This is the type of media that needs to be banned and i have tried, to post the petition link in the comments, but at the moment, It appears im not allowed to do so! Thankyou for your time Daniel Thorpe


At the moment i have no sponor


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    James Kitcher, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I have taken a kicking b4 off 10 ppl (my crime my sister split up with a local badboy), and have no respect for those who need lots of friends or a weapon before they get brave. By allowing these clips online, any1 who is stupid enough to participate in this kind of violence will surely feel that it is some sort of validation or approval.... so sites such as youtube have a responsibility to society to prevent these kinds of clips from being on their sites.
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    Martyn MacIntyre, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: sites providing forums for this kind of depraved content should face criminal proceeding not just financial penalties, maybe charges of corporate manslaughter if death ensues or inciting acts of violence or inhumanity for corporate gains.
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    paul brien, United Kingdom

    7 years ago
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