Muslims come to this country for a fresh start and a new life, so they should LEAVE their beliefs at the door when they come to this country, they should be able to mix in with the British citizens, a new law should be bought in that only that they have to be tested on their capacity to speak English before they enter our country and not expect the native British to learn their language or their way of life. We should get rid of all mosques from our land as these are not our historical churches? This it is not the Middle East? This is BRITAIN


here's a little bit from one newspaper,

These sentiments will reassure those, including the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, who feel uncomfortable in the presence of women dressed from top to toe in black, with only their eyes visible. Douglas Murray, director of the think tank The Centre for Social Cohesion, is one of them. "People shouldn't have the right to hide themselves away in society," he says. "Cutting yourself off from society is threatening when we have known terrorists to try to escape wearing a burka. Men who said they had to wear balaclavas would be very unlikely to be allowed into banks or to travel on most public transport. Ask yourself this: can you imagine asking the time or for directions from a woman in a burka?"

but reading that small pargraph above, it makes you think.
we would not be able to walk in to a bank with our whole body coverd top to bottom, we would get wrestled to the ground.

and it's a security risk, as you dont no who it is and if a crime is commited you wouldnt be able to solve the crime as they all look the same. they should be banned from driving with a full burka as it blocks or limits their view of the road. it would be like us peeping throught a newpaper with two holes in it. not very good visibility and could easy cause a crash and may kill some one.

my point is if they want to come to this country for a fresh start, they should join our culture and way of live completely. The burka is a symbol of the muslims not wanting to change, its a symbol of the cracks that are appearing in our society...already europe is beginning to treat islam like the threat that it is, social cohesion has ALWAYS been the successful formula for a good society to live in.

With these first small steps...lets put the GREAT back into Britain! and get our culture back!



  • Anonymous Must be dangerous to drive without all round vision. Went to a ladies loo only 2 people in there me and a person in a burka who seemed to be looking at me felt scared thought it could be a man it's not fair to us. Teenagers not allowed to wear hoodies in some public areas because of security , where is the justice for them . We are shown pictures of wanted criminals easy for them just pop on a burka and you won't be recognised. The 'women ? " wearing them could integrate more if they were able to make conversation etc . The burka implies do not look at me or speak to me or be my friend. Appreciate it is a tradition but who dictates the rules - Muslim men. This is not our tradition and never will be so live by our rules please.. I love my country and it's democracy but we must have rules to keep us safe, the burka should be banned, for health safety and SECURITY reasons. People should live by our rules or go elsewhere.

  • Gavin Meek After a know terrorist suspect fled the UK wearing his sisters burka, things are getting out of hand.
    People are not allowed to wear hats, bike helmets or any form of hoods that cover only part of their face in any public buildings and yet burkas that cover the face entirely are allowed.
    In airports, people wearing burkas are still going through without having to take them off.
    Burkas do not represent any part of their religion.
    Burkas are their because Muslim men don't want other Muslim men looking at their own women.
    Also, when a woman is driving while wearing a burka, this also minimises their view around them.
    There has also been case where Muslim women who wear burkas attacking non Muslim women or men and got away with it as it is impossible to know who it was who did the attacking.
    There also had been people wearing wearing burkas who have even robbed shops, banks and people on the streets and yet again got away with it because they are impossible to identify.

    Why is this allowed to happen?
    It needs to stop and it needs to stop now!


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