Encourage pet food companies to use dogs described as pit bulls or pit mixes in pet food commercials.

Have you seen a pit bull or bully breed in a pet food commercial?Excluding bullies, pit bulls and pit bull mixes from pet food commercials is a form of breed discrimination. All dogs, including pit bulls can be loving, intelligent animals. On temperament test, pit bulls score higher than 121 other dog breeds. Dogs labeled as pit bulls work; as service animals for those in need; as police dogs serving the community; as military personnel helping our soldiers in combat and some are ambassadors for the breed. A pit bull was Hero Dog of the Year for 2013. For these reasons, pit bulls deserve positive representation in the pet food industry.

Currently, their pictures aren't used on pet food products and they do not appear in pet food commercials. Millions of Americans have pit bulls as family pets and would like to see dogs that resemble their pets represented in the pet food industry.
Each year thousands of pit bulls and pit mixes die in U.S shelters because many do not view them as pets; they judge them for their looks. Not using pit bulls or pit mixes in pet food commercials or on pet products fuels harmful stereotypes about the breed.
Let's dare pet food companies to be fair by using pit bulls and pit mixes in the pet food industry.
By signing this petition you agree that dogs labeled as pit bulls, pit mixes or bully breeds should be used in pet food commercials and their pictures on pet food products.



  • Shanen Kyrstie I think this is a great petition!! There are so many people how do not understand this breed and have forgotten that this breed has fought along side of our troops for our country's freedom!

  • Briana Holloway Signed!

  • anthony wheeler Really great petition.

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  • Today a letter was sent to Mars Inc. and Colgate Palmolive. Will update soon. "Why not use pit bulls/bully mixes in pet food commercials or on pet food products? Thousands of Americans have pits as pets. Pits, like other dogs, compete in televised dog competitions and many, like Elle, hero dog of the year 2013, are therapy dogs. Pits are so popular that each year, over 350,000 die in U.S shelters because they are the number one over bred dog of all breeds. And, not by choice but pits are helping your corporation by over- existing. You can help pits by positively presenting them in a pet food commercial and on pet products. No one will stop buying their dogs favorite food because of the dog printed the product or on the commercial. Help with public perception of pits by using them in a pet food commercial or on pet products. " Thanks, The Pit Bull Revolution