Bonsai Kitten Ban

A \"business\" which seels cats. But cats with a difference, at an early age they are given a relaxant (chemicals) through injection which weakens their bones. They are then crammed into jars of the \"preffered shape\". The small jars have holes in, a slit to breate a tube for feeding and a tube for faeces and bodily waste. Over time the kittens skeleton takes the shape of the jar, once removed the kitten stays in that shape. The feeding tube causes many problems, the kittens sometimes vomit the chemical mixtures which they are fed back up and can drown! The bodily waste tube is super glued to the cats anus to prevent the kitten drowning in its own faeces. The finished \"product\" cannot walk, move or eat on its own and are considered to be ART masterpieces!! Animals rights groups and organisationshave yet to end the practice of bonsai kittens, and the Government even gives out licenses so that people can make their own. Although was taken off the internet for a period of time it is now up and running again. Bonsai kitten must be stopped it is a form of torture and quite possibly murder! It is immoral!!

Sponsor rights An animal rights group we have set up, contains information on issues surrouding animal rights, animal testing, vegetarianism and much much more!!


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