Quackwatch is an evil website with statements written either by agents of Big Pharma and the New World Order or the most ignorant, narrow-minded people this poor planet has ever had the misfortune of harbouring. The entire website is full of unsubstantiated claims attacking all forms of alternative medicine, and the occasional desperate failed attempt to debunk conspiracy theories. This site tries to claim that the only "real" medicine is western medicine with its harsh chemicals and deadly pharmaceutical drugs. It pushes dangerous and lethal treatments like chemotherapy, which doesn't even cure cancer by the way. It also claims that alternative medicine is a complete waste of money and all natural healers are fraudsters. These people seem to be the advocates of the very corrupt FDA, often saying that a certain alternative remedy has not been approved by the FDA, as if FDA approval would make it safe in some way. I don't think I need to remind anyone that aspartame, MSG and other toxic and deadly food additives are all FDA-approved substances, so I'd say the more the FDA disapproves, the better. While in theory I do support freedom of speech, these people go too far by presenting these fraudulent claims as facts, and gullible people are likely to believe these lies and may end up destroying their health and even killing themselves through the use of conventional medicine instead of safe alternatives which actually do work. Countless studies have been done to prove the efficacy of natural medicines and treatments; we just don't hear about them because Big Pharma's not too keen on the general public getting their hands on the results. And for those who don't know it yet, there is a plan to reduce the world's population to one billion, so it doesn't take a genius to work out that the Governments and their agents are hardly going to be doing what's best for the people. Codex is designed to kill, and so are all these drug-pushing schemes. Please sign this petition and help stop this vicious and pointless war on CAM


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