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Ban uber, lyft, side car and all other share ride companies from doing business in chicago as they are cheating

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Let's Stop and make things legal.
Stop ride share and close all the back doors. It's all Fishy.
Cheating customers and cheating drivers by filling politicians pockets from back doors. Everybody knows what happened on new year's eve. All Cab drivers had the worst night for the first time. As the share ride company's lured customers and cheated them by charging like crazy.
Can't we understand that. its so simple. A certified cab driver had to go 96 hrs of training and pass the city exam with 80%. Not a joke. i spend 1 month working hard to get my chauffeur license. spent more than $500 to get trained.

Wake up people they are cheaters. Ban.. Ban.. And Ban them from doing business.
They are making us stupid.



February 22
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    Samantha Crosby
    1 month ago
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    Angel Nunez United States
    1 year ago