Ban the Richmond 80/20 grading system

The 80/20 grading system here at the Richmond schools is not helping our students. Many of the students are not great test takers, whether its having text anxiety or just getting very nervous when testing. Did this really have to be such a drastic change so quickly? Teachers have to make 2 different tests, which takes away from planning other assignments, double checking tests and changing this necessary? A grade is not based just on testing. Homework, projects, classwork, group involvement and testing are all part of a final grade.  This whole grading system is just stressing out too many students.



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    Ana, China

    2 years ago Comments: I'm absolutely amezad that you can write a new book, speak/publicize about your book and eating disorders, grade, and take classes! You deserve a break everyday! There is never a reason not to just stop and breathe. At least, that is what I tell myself.
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    Thami, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: Read my lips: It would be a marketing DISASTER to park the most enntreainitg driver in NASCAR. Sponsors pay for TV time, not a PR announcement that will be forgotten before the race is over. Kyle always gets a ton of TV time; this week it will be through the roof. M&M's is having a wet dream just thinking about it. It is NEVER a marketing coup to kill the golden goose. Got it?
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    Magnis, Brazil

    2 years ago Comments: Glad you have stopped by our site! This year we will have a few etevns on the East Coast you should look into attending!For our full schedule go to thanks!
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