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This petition calls for the banning of the oppressive, discriminatory, and altogether horrifying BURKA. We implore you to join in our project to ban the BURKA from the world. Together, we can do it!

The BURKA is a garment that primarily women in Afghanistan are forced to wear – a garment that completely obscures the body and acts as a canvas prison for these helpless women. Not only does the BURKA trap women physically; the BURKA also symbolizes the mental and emotional entrapment of the Afghan women. They have no rights, no voice, and, as a result of the BURKA, no way of even being seen or noticed. (Please download this video to see)

We are reaching out to you because the world will not see the banning of the BURKA unless we join together to create the most powerful force possible behind this project. We have confidence that your joining with us on this vital issue will give the Ban the BURKA Project the influence and effectiveness it needs to drive the United Nations to at last ban the BURKA. We will present this petition to the United Nations Council on Human Rights, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

We urge that you sign this petition as well as join together with IFLAC and many other women’s and human rights NGO's in banning the BURKA. Together, men and women can stand up against the violation of human rights. We will not stand for women to be treated inhumanely any longer. It is an insult to women and to human beings everywhere. Thank you for your consideration and your much needed help. Again, we implore you, as a pivotal component in the power behind BANNING the BURKA from the world forever, to sign this petition.


  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith United Kingdom, Knutsford
    Aug 20, 2014
    Aug 20, 2014
    The burka is offensive, divisive and has no place in modern society
  • Anonymous
    Jan 04, 2014
    Jan 04, 2014
    Patriarchal religious views are reinforcing men to project their own lust onto the womens' goddess like body. Men repress their own sexual desire and see women as a sort of whore. This is much akin to the witch hunts of Europe. Carl Jung-repress regress. Enlighten up!


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    Amanda Yeowart United Kingdom
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