Ban Future and Lil Wayne's karate chop song!!!!!!!

This song is extremely disrespectful to the entire black community. In the song Lil Wayne says "He wants to beat the p**** like Emmett Till. Emmett Till's family is not pleased with this comment along with other prominent African Americans such as Stevie Wonder. This song sends the wrong message to the public especially our children. Little kids have access to this song and they are extremely impressionable. I do not support negative or joking comments of the Emmett Till story because he was brutally murdered, and neither should you. He was beaten so bad that his face was unrecognizable to his own mother. She left his casket open at his funeral to show the world that racism is disgusting and needs to stop. In support of his family I think we should not allow this song in the public because as African Americans we should not support ignorance of this magnitude. We should be taking pride is our history and educating each other on how we can move forward. Here is a quote from the founder of the Blacks in Wax Museum Dr Elmer Martin: We did not die by the millions to kill each other by the thousands. This music is killing our people, most importantly our youth. Please support me in getting this song removed. Thank you.


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    2 years ago Comments: The comment made is disrespectful towards Emmett Till's family. It is wrong to compare the brutal murder of a young boy to a sex act. The comment made by Lil Wayne not only insults Emmett Till's family, but insults the Civil Rights movement and our ancestors. Playing this song implies that the struggle our Black ancestors encountered is trivial. This remark shows that he does not care about the people who were lynched, raped, murdered, burned, attacked, arrested, and oppressed. Lil Wayne made a mockery of the entire Civil Rights movement. People can complain and say he may not have written the song or it is not his song it is Future’s song. However, Lil Wayne is the one that made the remark. He should be held accountable for humiliating Emmett Till’s family and the Black community. It is disgraceful and implies that the struggle of our people does not matter. People should not ignore this comment or make excuses for this rapper. Continuing to support this song and Lil Wayne implies that the struggles that Black people encountered in the past can be made a mockery of. This song, along with other songs that are offensive to any race, sex, sexual orientation, and religion, needs to be ban.
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