Ban From Hardee's/Carl's Jr. Inappropriate Commercials

Whenever families are watching TV, there is usually at least one inappropriate commercial, including Hardee's/Carl's Jr. The commercial is a girl on the beach eating a sandwich. She eats it in different intimate poses and then takes off her top and keeps eating while a guy comes up to her smiling like an idiot.

Do you really think you need to advertise your food by using almost nude women? I don't think so. This gives a bad image on women and makes girls believe they have to us their body to get a man. This offends not only women but men too. This needs to stop.


  • Jen I hate this commercial your burgers are so bad you have to have commercials that have nothing to do with advertising your burger. Nude women on a beach is wrong for children to see. If someone wants to see porn i am sure they could find it. Lets keep fast food commercials focusing on the food you are trying to sale. I will not eat there!

  • Jeannette So gross

  • Sarah All of the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's commercials are inappropriate. They are nothing but porn.

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