Offer AZN Television on Satellite

AZN Television is not offered by Satellite companies like Dish Network and Direct TV. AZN Television is the only English speaking channel I know of that offers Asian and South Asian shows, news and other important information. AZN Television is not only important to Asian and Asian Americans but to other people who enjoy the Asian Culture. I believe AZN Television is a very important link and should be offered on Satellite. * Please when signing do not use net names. Your real name is required since I am planing to send this to the acutal Satelite companies when enough signatures are acquired. You can always use the anonymous feature so no one else can see your name. Thank you! Edit: Well it has been almost a year and still not enough signatures. Let\'s keep fighting! Nov. 2, 2007: okay its been more than a year and only almost 100 sigs. come on people tell all your friends about this! April 5, 2008: OMG I had no idea comcast was shutting down AZN! Im going to open a forum so we can discuss what to do! I will update when it\'s made. Please tell everyone who loves the channel to come here. The more people involved the better we can do!


This petition is not sponsored by anyone. I am just one individual trying to get Satellite to offer AZN Television because AZN TV is one of a kind and it should not be over looked.

Links Here is a link to AZN Television\'s web site. Under the the section titled Channel Locator AZN TV provides a easy way for you to beable to fax Dish Network and Direct TV to help in the cause. I am in no way affiliated with AZN Television.


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    Sonny Im, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I found this channel really fun and i miss it a lot lol. When i was bord i always switched to this channel
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    Sarabi Arnold, United States

    5 years ago Comments: plz bring AZN back I miss that channel it's been a couple of years since I watched that channel and I'm still not over it
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    mayumi, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Hopefully DirecTV offers the AZN channel, and hopefully it'll be one of those that'd be automatically available, such as The N, and other offered channels. I would really love to have the AZN channel, since I am a fan of Korean and Japanese dramas, as well as their talk/reality shows like Family Outing.
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