On Monday, August 18, 2003, John Gundaker, better known as \"The Original Hot Dog Man\" was arrested at the request of University of Georgia Auxiliary Sevices for trespassing on University property. The Hot Dog Man was selling mouth-watering weiners from the same spot he has done so for twenty years. Doug Ross, the head of Auxiliary Services, claims that the Hot Dog Man was selling his dogs without the proper license on University property. However, the Hot Dog Man claims he was on the county right-of-way, outside of University jurisdiction. The Hot Dog Man is a upstanding member of the Athens business community and a mainstay of campus life since 1982. The injustice and indignity of the arrest ordered by Doug Ross and his cronies is unacceptable and an insult to anyone with pride for the University of Georgia and its heritage. Doug Ross also had the audacity to accuse the Hot Dog Man of being unsafe (in the 8/19/03 Athens-Banner Herald), a further insult to this outstanding citizen. The Supporters of the Hot Dog Man are asking all University Alumni to suspend their regular donations to the school and replace them with checks for $1.50 (the price of one of the Hot Dog Man\'s delicious ketchup-covered franks) until the time the Hot Dog Man is granted the right to sell his hot dogs in the same spot he has been doing so for 20 years, or Doug Ross is fired. Sign this petition to let the University of Georgia know that it must let the Hot Dog Man sell on the side of the street or kick Doug Ross into the street! We will be printing out all the signatures and delivering them in a wheelbarrow to University officials. Note: This petition is not affiliated with or endorsed by \"The Original Hot Dog Man\" or John Gundaker in any way.




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    Thao, Taiwan

    2 years ago State: West Virginia
    Country: Sri Lanka
    Comments: You did not research this issue long ago. You are a liar and igarnont. If you are going to have a site like this then you need to debate and back up your accusations. What proof do you have that Mr. Monistere is evil? What made you say that about someone? Come on chicken let's have it.
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    Mariami, Netherlands

    2 years ago State: Maryland
    Country: Jersey
    Comments: VJ Fair point it was 70% of those that voted but does that tell you something. Would you not agree the maitojry of fans and the club want this singing to stop. I feel that this is only the beginning after reading that SPL are now looking into the Hibs game. I hope this guy is listening at Celtic Park 28 Dec as he seems to have selective hearing when it comes to Rangers fans
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    Andreia, United States

    3 years ago State: Missouri
    Country: Congo
    Comments: 26/07/2009 at 7:07 pmOMG!! i just read the story about Shelly and her fenrids (R.I.P Mike, Crissy, and i think Amber) and i definitely agree that we should get rid of Ouija Borads period. they shouldnt be sold in ANY type of stores especially toy stores. I WILL DEFINITELY BE A SUPPORTER OF THIS PETITION AND WILL TRY AND GET OTHERS TO READ THE STORY I READ AND SIGN THE PETITION!
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