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    janie, United States

    7 years ago Comments: They have to make a new season!! I got hooked right when I saw the first episode of avatar. Avatar is by FAR the best show in Nick, thats my personal opinion of course, but its just soooo great!! I LOVE the show!!
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    alejandra hernandez, United States

    7 years ago Comments: pleeeaasseeee when is the new season coming i want to see some new episodes already i cant wait any longer!!!!!!
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    katara, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: where is Avatar the last airbender season three. i mean i know i can download the episodes off the internet but episode 12 the western air temple is taking a hell of a long time to come out. i think that they should make the episodes come out quicker or they should make other things like field guides that have everything about the avatar world from the four nations to the descriptions of the temples in the land. did anyone know that an avatar movie is being made and it's being directed and written by the same guy who did stuart little. i mean no ofence or anything i've seen stuart little and i think it sucks. if they were to make a movie that will just ruin Avatar all together. ooh and they should make avatar jewelry with rings and necklaces containing the four symbols of the four nations engraved on them. so i think someone sholud start a new pwtition saying the movie will suck but it might be good if someone else directs it like the director from the lord of the rings. i just like to say AVATAR IS THE BEST TV SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD AND I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! and i will die without it.
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