A Substantial Increase In Autism Research Funding Is Needed

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. An estimated 1 out of every 88 children is affected by Autism (particularly boys with the number being closer to 1 out of every 54). As of now there is no medical detection or cure. On average, Autism costs families an additional $60,000 yearly. Based on those facts alone, one would assume that Autism is highly prioritized at The National Institution of Health – but it’s not. So much so that the total 2012 budget for The National Institution of Health was nearly $31 BILLION dollars – with only $169 million of that going toward Autism Research (that translates to 0.55 percent of total funding). Treating the fastest growing developmental disability in the US the way this way is irresponsible and reckless. While the numbers for 2013 aren't in yet, there is no significant indication that it will be any better. The funding for Autism Research at The National Institution of Health needs to be DRASTICALLY increased and it will only happen if we work together to create a demand that simply cannot be ignored. Please join us and sign this petition to get Autism Research the attention it deserves. While this may be an uphill battle, it's definitely one worth fighting for.






  • Jordan Simon Trust me, it would help quite a bit.

  • Curtis Lynch I need to say something now anyone who is paying for treatment for a child with autism stop it will never work theres no way of curing its a physiological illness and theres no way of removing it or curing it yes there are many people who say there is a cure for it but there isnt im autistic myself and im doing fine without having any of this so called treatment

  • Dorian Dederko I speak for my company and HIVE is behind you. We already fund laboratories and research labs working with diseases such as these. We keep finding more genes associated with Autism.

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