Save Bransholme Astra Youth Centre

BSF (Building Schools for the future) are to demolish Bransholme Astra Youth Centre in April 2010. Hull City Council gave their word that the existing centre would be rebuilt like for like. However this doesn't look likely as the developers chosen for the project and the School continue to mislead young people as to what is going to happen. What looks likely is that the young people of Bransholme will lose their space. We intend to fight this every step of the way.


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    adam phillips, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: i feel that the person who keeps slagging off astra in different names is a pussuy and should grow up it was a great place and me and rich drewery didnt say a thing about it. it was all the work of a small minded child
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    Richard Carl Drewery, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Thank fuck they got rid of this shit hole couldnt stand another 5 fukin minutes looking at the shit hole. Adam Barley can go suck donkey dick cause all he talks is so much bull shit and i really wish they had tied him up in the bag of shit they call the astra and knocked it down with him in it :) add me on facebook to see more of my views:Richard Drewery or if u have ps3 feel free to add me and rag the shit outta me Rich_Hull sponsored by Mike Richardson +ps3 Co.
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    Ben Gowen, Norway

    4 years ago Comments: I worked for Winifred Holtby School and worked closely with the youth services at Astra Youth Club during the planning stage for the new facilities. Like many of the staff at the school I was shocked when the least interested bidder won the contract and was continually shocked by their feedback and lack of interest for the students and community needs. They have designed an amazing looking building with little function. I was told that Building Schools for the Future was about creating an adaptable environment for everyone to use. In the last meeting I attended the architect was struggling to change a simple changing room layout which was requested before either bidder had started planning and after passing on several email about ways on increasing the potential use of the sports facilities I was told it was too late to give an input because they had already ordered the frame work. I know how simple it should have been for the designers to create a more versatile facility for every on to use at all times of the day and allow the youth centre to have their own space that they required. I can point out 100's of alterations that could have been made on the internal layout (which I did) that could of benefited staff, students and the community. Despite my feelings on the design, I think the most important thing is was it worth destroying the current facilities and loosing independent youth centre when they could of refurbished the current facilities to get the same if not a better functional building than they are constructing which will be costing a lot more money. I also believe BSF should be investigated, Why didn’t Balfour Beatty win the bid like everyone expected, Why did so much planning and expense have such poor results, Was the real aim of BSF to build a school with the future in mind of create eye catching designs, and when some of the BSF staff had worked on other projects with weak areas why did they knowingly make the same mistakes even when they was pointed out again. If BSF was investigated I would happily point out the issues I pointed out to BSF on child protection, poolside hygiene, expansion of the schools PE curriculum, alternative use for the youth services, possible locations for the youth facilities and more I also wonder if they finally picked up on the lack of storage, especially for the cleaning equipment.
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