Assigning a defense Panel for the Iraqi Scholar Dr. Ahmed Alkubaisi before the Courts of Dubai.

Your Excellency Mr. President of the Federal Republic of Iraq,

Referring to the case brought to Dubai court by the Saudi attorney Mr. Othman Alda’ajanyAlatebie,against the Iraqi Scholar Dr. Ahmed Alkubaisi, a resident in UAE, after Shaikh AlKubaisi’s speech criticizing and condemning ISIS and its bloody activities.

We request that the Iraqi Government takes the required actions to protect the Sahikh by assigning a panel of Iraqi and international legal representatives to handle the defense of Shaikh Alkubaisi and to cover all expenses required. This is to ensure the rule of law at one hand and to appeal for a public trial on the other, to achieve justice in a tremendously serious religious matter which is the core of the case at the first place. And since the case was strongly pushed by the media towards an international political direction, Iraq’s intervention has become an extreme necessity.

We ask the Iraqi Government and your Excellency as the President to adopt the appropriate action and decision to defend one of the pioneer minds that was forced to flee the country for very well-known reasons and circumstances. This case must be addressed promptly and seriously.

With all respect and appreciation and sincere trust in you.

An Iraqi citizen.


  • Ali alshamary العراق بخير

  • Anonymous الدفاع واجب عن هذا الشيخ الجليل

  • salih must defend him

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  • يجب الدفاع عنه
  • هذا اقل شيء يمكن ان تقدمه الحكومة للشيخ الجليل وللقضاء على الإرهاب
  • نطق بالحق رغم معرفته بالعواقب يستحق منا التقدير رغم اختلافنا المذهبي لاننا نعتقد ان هنالك غيرة عراقية لايفهمها الا من ارتوى من مياه الرافدين
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