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Hey my beautiful family. Here's the thing....myself and many others i've talked to about this subject are SICK of coming to "ASK AFI" to see thousands of unbelievably stupid questions. Honestly, asking Davey to name your cat (which hundreds do), asking him wether or not you should drop out of college...come on...he's the singer of a band, not your mom! Asking him wether or not he's naked o.O what the fuck! There are just endless amounts of these kinds of questions, can you blame them for not really coming there to answer anymore Once in a while there is a few questions that are actually interesting, questions that would be cool to know the answers of. Yet they get drowned in questions about why he cut his hair...and oh did he keep the hair that got cut off I really do believe that we'd see alot more of them...well Davey since he's the one who's mainly there, if we'd just ask something that'd spark his interest, something that shows...hey we listen to the music and don't just love you cause you're good looking guys. SO...i wanted to contact Gavin about this and ask him to set a certain set of rules...but i need your help! If you agree with this and want to see ASK AFI change for the better, then sign your name and DF name underneath. Also repost like crazy so we can get as many signatures as possible! Much love Kimie (Dark Star)


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    Amanda, United States

    7 years ago Comments: i hate people that only like AFI because of their looks. if you like them, like them for their amazing music, past and present.
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    Sabine, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: This is a great idea. I never actually thought of that before, but you've made an excellent point. I'd love to see the boys answer more questions more often, and I think this is a very clever way of hoping this'll happen! Thank youu. :]
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    Jo, Luxembourg

    8 years ago
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