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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings, You are being asked to sign this petition if you are a former student of Ashford University, Clinton, IA (Online University) and you end up owing the company, and you believe they abused their powers, and perhaps misled you.

I am in the process of filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Ashford University, in which I am the lead plaintiff; however, I need your support.

Before any of us can secure justice against this monster corporation we must come together and bombard the court systems with complaints.

Theoretically speaking in a perfect world we could file individual lawsuits, most likely risking the courts ruling in favor of the University.

But if we congregate together as one – the judicial systems will really see there’s an issue that need to addressed. Quickly!

As a group we are seeking restitution for damages, and release of liabilities in particular those caused by financial aid negligence on the universities part.

Right now more than ever is the best time to initiate this movement as the U.S. Federal Government is currently investigating Ashford, and they were just cited by the Department of Education for negligently receiving federal funding.

This issue has been worrying you, and if you are anything like me, it has probably kept you up plenty of nights.

There is recourse – you just have to take action.

I am looking forward to your support

Former Students of Ashford University,

Lead Plaintiff – US Class Action Suit


Former Students of Ashford Unversity



  • Fred Martinez I am currently going to Ashford for my Masters degree, I have had an issue with a class and every time I get redirected to a different department. It is as if they do not really have a large office to deal with issues Everything is done through emails, if not you get a voice mail, I am really beginning to wonder about this school and their accreditation. I need some advice.

  • Alicia White I went to Ashford online between 2010 and 2012 and had similar issues as far as disbursement and money not there, being floated around to other advisors that didnt know anything and was told that I swould be able to graduate in less than 2 years, which obviously isnt true. I left for medical issues and when I wanted to return they had told me I had to pay so much and that I had more classes to finish than originally. I was one that had to get additional funding for myself because of the way they were not disbursing money correctly, with personal loans and cash. I thought I did my homework when looking for a new school back then, but I was wrong and it frustrates me to know I paid out all this money and have all these student loans wrapped up and for what?!

  • Starla Ramm I was an online student so how does a person know how they are apart of the settlement. I graduated last year, and I could not get a job with my degree because the degree was not up to par. I have an Bachelors degree in Social Criminal Justice, and a Master's degree in Organizational Management. Now I have to pay thousands of dollars for nothing. When I had called and asked about the schools accreditation before moving forward with my degree. I was told pretty much that everything was going to be o.k. and this happens. I was led to believe that my degree would be worth something in the end, and it's not. They just wanted the money. I am still getting things from them stating if I go back to school then I will get grant to go towards another degree. A perfect way of trying to get money from students just for the cash flow. I know I was deceive. I wonder how many others were. I am so irritated because now it seems I will be paying student loans for the rest of my life for nothing. I have a student loan balance that is quite ridiculous because of this school. Every time you would call they would send you to someone else because they did not know the answer or they would allow the answering machine to pick and state the person is not available. I felt stuck so I kept going because I knew that I could not financially afford a different college. I then followed through with Ashford when I really wanted to go elsewhere. No one accepts Ashford credits. Guess where that left me in a bind.

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