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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings, You are being asked to sign this petition if you are a former student of Ashford University, Clinton, IA (Online University) and you end up owing the company, and you believe they abused their powers, and perhaps misled you.

I am in the process of filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Ashford University, in which I am the lead plaintiff; however, I need your support.

Before any of us can secure justice against this monster corporation we must come together and bombard the court systems with complaints.

Theoretically speaking in a perfect world we could file individual lawsuits, most likely risking the courts ruling in favor of the University.

But if we congregate together as one – the judicial systems will really see there’s an issue that need to addressed. Quickly!

As a group we are seeking restitution for damages, and release of liabilities in particular those caused by financial aid negligence on the universities part.

Right now more than ever is the best time to initiate this movement as the U.S. Federal Government is currently investigating Ashford, and they were just cited by the Department of Education for negligently receiving federal funding.

This issue has been worrying you, and if you are anything like me, it has probably kept you up plenty of nights.

There is recourse – you just have to take action.

I am looking forward to your support

Former Students of Ashford University,

Lead Plaintiff – US Class Action Suit


Former Students of Ashford Unversity



  • Bryan Reese I too share this experience. I was recently told that I owe a balance that came out of no where. I transferred to a state school an entire year ago, and never heard of a balance from Ashford. As a matter of fact, I was told that I wouldn't have a balance. I was greeted with sarcasm and run around when I confronted the University. I too plan to file suit if necessary.

  • Kara Boyd I went to ashford back in 2011 and I did a yeas and half of school and it became too much half of the teachers would not tell me what i was doing wrong or what I could do to better myself and get better grades... and when I called and told ashford that I wanted to withdraw from the school I asked if I would owe anything.. the lady told me to finish this class and contact her in a week because if i did it than I would owe money... so I wait a weeks called again and withdrew from the school a few month later I looked in my emails only to find out that I have been slammed with 20,000.00 in loans and I did not even go for the full two years...

  • Mary Poppims shford University to Attorney do join class action suit

    Ashford University
    Consumer Class Action

    We are lead counsel in a consumer class action case on behalf of current and former students of Ashford University, which is owned and operated by Bridgepoint. You are included in the current class action case if you attended Ashford University at any time between March 1, 2005 and the present. A copy of the complaint and the Court's order denying defendants' motion to dismiss is attached...


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