Petition Against Article 4356 Censoring Internt Content

It is completely and utterly foolish of the IRLB to put something forward like this. It is a total violation of rights. If the IRLB is making harmless websites such as Ebaumsworld to censor things such as the word \"Fart\" then does that mean all Pornographic sites will be completely censored as well Also, unlike Radio, if someone such as a child is looking at something on the internet that is not appropriate, there are filters to prevent that. If someone doesnt like it, don\'t look at it. If looking at something on the internet such as a man farting is worse than going to a website and watching 2 people commit the act of intercourse, then there is seriously something wrong. A child would be more affected by the pornogrophy than the man farting. Are things such as farting that bad There have been a lot worse things done on Television and no one has said anything about that. Guidelines on television are becoming less strict everyday. The word \'Shit\' is now allowed. A child can turn on the TV and here that word a over a hundred times like on an episode of Southpark yet on the internet the owrd \'Fart\' is banned. This is rediculous. This is outrageous. An end should be put to this immediately. This will be sent to the IRLB Board of Directors on May 30, 2006.


This is being sponsored by the people who find that their right to freedom is being tampered with.

Links Is one of the many sites that will be affected by Article 4356.


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