Arapahoe Warriors - Plan for Additional Travel Teams

We, the undersigned are requesting that the leadership of the Arapahoe Warriors Youth Hockey Association develop and implement a plan that would allow for additional travel hockey teams to be fielded for the 2013-2014 hockey season and beyond.

This petition is done out of support for the Arapahoe Warriors club as well as for the kids that it serves. This would be a win for the club and a win for the kids.

For the last two years a large number of kids have been cut from the travel program (specifically in the PeeWee age group). All reasonable assessments of these kids conclude that a large number of them (enough to form an additional team) are of sufficient skill to play travel hockey. Many of these kids (and families) have been forced to transfer to other competing hockey clubs.

Two other competing hockey organizations in the league did field additional teams last season. These teams competed at an appropriate level.

This plan will detail criteria used to determine if additional teams will be fielded. Data utilized in that analysis will be made public before, during and after tryouts. The Booster club will be an active participant in this process.  In addition the petitioners will appoint a representative to assist in the generation and implementation of this plan. All parties associated with this process will be allowed to observe tryouts. Final selection of players for individual teams will remain the sole responsibility of the coaches and club management.



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