Appeal against City of Burbank Hillside Development Permit - 1030 Via Alta - Project No. 0-0006266

The residents of Burbank, CA request the City of Burbank's City Council to approve the appeal against the decision to grant Project 09-0006266 : 1030 Via Alta Hillside Development Permit.


The current development is a 1,586 square foot one story home sitting on the edge of a very unstable Burbank Hillside peninsula. The decision to approve the Hillside Development Permit (HDP) allows the construction of a 3,750 square foot 2-story home. The homes in this area all have a scenic views of the city and the mountains. All homes on the hillside peninsula are single story homes and do not block each other. This home sits at the end of the peninsula and will be the first to be multi-story and the first to affect visual privacy and obstruct a large portion of neighboring views.

Negative Impacts:

1. This gives a green light for all the Burbank hillside homes to be able to ignore view protection and also construct upward, creating a negative impact on the neighborhood.

2. Decrease of day light & night light to the neighboring property resulting to increase energy costs.

3. The unstable hillside crumbles with every rainfall and a large project on this hillside may result in more crumbling.  Public works cleans up tons of crumbling rock each year resulting in an increase of tax payers dollars being spent.

4. Neighborhood upslope and downslope views are compromised.

5. The 3 homes in the neighborhood comparable in size do not currently block neighboring views and this project does not fit into the integrity of the neighborhood.

6. The project completely disregards certain "guidelines" set in the Hillside Development permit allowing for loose interpretation for future projects.

7. Does not protect the residents of the Burbank Hillside and long term home owners of this area.



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