AOSP Support for MediaTek Devices

Dear MediaTek,

Lots of people have bough Android devices with MediaTek chips inside.

For many of those people, trying to keep their devices updated to the latest version of Android has been an exercise in futility.

The main issue with your platform seems to be it's closed nature.

Because of that, it's extremely difficult for the Android developer community to provide any support for devices that rely on MediaTek chips.

Please, openly provide all necessary binaries and source, so there can be proper Android developer community support for MediaTek based devices.

Basically, full support for AOSP + Custom ROMs.

You could aim to be the "Asian Nexus" and reap all the benefits of the Android developer community enthusiasts.

For more information:
Google Nexus devices:
XDA Developers forum:
CyanogenMod (Custom ROM):
Paranoid Android (Custom ROM):
AOKP (Custom ROM):
Thanks in advance.




  • Myco Sys We support you, please support us
    You would gain far more in usable code and international reputation with the people that tell others what to buy than you could ever possibly lose through reverse engineering the small parts of your platform that are not licenced from others.
    It would mean apps wold work better, it will make you more appealing to higher end manufacturers.
    It would also just be the right thing to do since you are relying on open source software (android/linux) developed this way in the 1st place for your survival

  • ChrisL I consider buying MTK6592/MTK6589T china phones. However without support for AOSP + Custom ROMs (CyanogenMod) I will wait to do so.
    Best support is only possible trough openess!

  • Fabien Lusseau I'm a big fan of Mediatek phones and I will love to have the right to enjoy it at its fullest.

    Mediatek is doing an awesome job to keep the price low and giving the needed performance at the same time.

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    Francesco Pasa

    3 days ago Comments: MediaTek chips are great, they offer good performance for a small price. However one thing is missing: open source drivers to let the community make the devices actually work. Hardware is nothing without software. I think opening the driver sources will benefit everyone: the users will get awesome support, MediaTek will become more attractive for more users and will gain in popularity. Not to mention that if you MediaTek wants to enter the Chromebook market, this will double the benefits for everyone.
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    Ajith Narayanan H

    2 weeks ago Comments: Provide the sources!!
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    4 weeks ago Comments: The only thing that holds me back to buy a mediatek based phone is that there is no custom rom,kernal for it. Please change your policy.
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