Stardoll: Anti-Superstar Movement!

Stardoll, a popular dress-up site in which millions of girls- and boys visit everyday, makes you pay for Superstar, and Stardollars. In order to play on Stardoll, you need to have Stardollars to buy clothing and suite-decor. But, in order to buy certain ( 3/4 of the items) items, you must become a Superstar by either a) Paying with a credit or b) paying by SMS (text) message, Gift Code, Gift Card or Paypal. You may be wondering- What's the big deal This IS a big deal. Many people, without acess to credit cards or cell phones want to be Superstar, and cannot afford it, or just not be physcially able to buy SS. Also, Stardoll has given Non-Superstars hardly any options when it comes to shopping, maybe 10-11 items maximum avaliable in one shop, some shops not allowing ANY Non-Superstars purchase anything. Non-superstars still want to have fun- and make Stardollars, but cannot because they cannot: 1. Buy or sell clothes in the StarBazaar 2. Buy many items in shops 3. Buy any makeup from Sephora except for cleanser 4. Receive 50 Stardollars a week ( SS only) This list goes on and on, probably filling up a whole 12 font page, or more. If you support Stardol's choice for Non-Superstars, please do not sign the pettion. Please only sign the pettion if you are Anti-Supestar, meaning you would like Stardoll to be fairer, and maybe not have such big, special perks. - TopMedoll *We understand Stardoll needs to pay for it's site, but this has gone to far.


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    amber velvet, United States

    2 years ago Comments: i really hate this new starcoins system instead of the superstar only items they now have two types of currency starcoins and stardollars and i'm sure we all know how it works most of the stuff now costs stardollars and the costs are skyhigh and anything that costs starcoins costs even more like it now takes me 3 weeks to save up to buy just one outfit plus the acessories because of this stupid new system i hate how elitist stardoll is becoming with this royals and superstars get all the good stuff i know it takes money to run the site but stardoll has become just plain greedy
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    Arianna Fleur(ariannacarle), United States

    6 years ago
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    Milena, Australia

    6 years ago
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