Change the Terms and Conditions of eTopps

Etopps offers professional portfolio services for the management of the sports cards it sells. Those services include a unique and required link to for the transfer of cards between two parties. eBay is the catalyst for these transactions. eBay offers \"safe harbor\" services to protect innocent customers from wrongful shill bidding activities, but punishments from eBay are not enough. Short term suspensions by eBay do not deter those willing to shill bid and arbitrarily drive up prices on unsuspecting collectors and buyers of etopps sports cards. Therefor we ask to add the following to its terms and conditions, and to impose the following rule: will terminate the portfolio services of any individual or business caught by eBay\'s safeharbor for the act of Shill Bidding etopps sports cards. Upon termination of the portfolio service will send to the individual all cards in any portfolio associated to the eBay username suspended. The individual will be charged the appropriate shipping and handling charges. In the future the individual will only be able to purchase cards to be shipped immediately upon being available, and not allow the individual the portfolio services offered to its legitimate etopps customers. Such a policy will deter businesses and individuals from shill bidding on etopps cards on eBay, for once caught their ability to continue doing so is for ever ruined. We the undersigned are customers of We purchase cards from etopps weekly and implore the company to protect us from the shady practice of Shill Bidding.


This petition is sponsored by Jim Dale (NetJr). Others willing to sponsor this petition in name or web site name please contact me at

Links is perhaps the best medium ever invented for buying and selling sports cards. However its success is being undermined by the shill bidding activities on eBay. Related web sites include:


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