Mandatory income for Mandatory Auto Insurance

I want to see government mandates stopped. Mandating auto insurance should be illegal-or provide for those who cannot afford it. No mandates without voter approval.


the state and federal governments


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    Rojin, United States

    2 years ago State: Ohio
    Country: Nigeria
    Comments: justice in who dat's eyes? please he lost his damn TM when he spetpod paying the fees and filing the paperwork like a legal business does when they are truly interested in protecting their beloved TM owning a commonlaw to your name is NOT the same as owning a registered (for real) TM, the only reason he ever had the TM in the first place is no one was awake enough in the eighties to challenge it then because it was worth pennies but now of course it is worth a lot more so everyone is cashing in on the only business this city has seen in years, scratch that decades. oh sorry Steve might not realize that since he is a Texan now, oh well, talking about being a nawlins boy and being one is another, we love our city and we love our people and we respect each other and act like it here. so permission from who, I ask? no permission needed on a traditional common phrase, excuse us for wanting to make a buck to feed the families.
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    Vira, United States

    2 years ago State: Puerto Rico
    Country: Poland
    Comments: Oh dear it really sandeds me when I read my main theme and core message will be that Government plans to privatise because it is so negative. I completely agree with David about lacking substance why didn't you use your valuable 400 words to explain what positive things you WILL do for policing in Surrey and what experience you have that will convince us all that you are the right person for the job. Perhaps because you had no opposition?
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    Mikel, Russian Federation

    2 years ago State: New York
    Country: Liechtenstein
    Comments: This article acheievd exactly what I wanted it to achieve.
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