Our Bus Is A Bust!

Ms. Maryetta Bledsoe has gone way too far. She's the worst bus driver we have ever had. If you ride our bus, you know the story. Sign this petition if you want a change!


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    we deserve better, United States

    8 years ago Comments: top 20 reasons ms maryetta should b fired. 1. she gives us assigned seats 2. she gives the GOOD 8th graders the middle seats and the 6th graders the back! 3.she takes roll. on a bus. 4.she calls the authoroties when someone chews gum and has a cell fone out (alysia) 5.she hates gum 6. she hates children. PERIOD. 7. she accuses MIDDLE SKOOLERS for smoking on the bus. if we did smoke wouldnt we b smarter than that 8.no body loves her. she doenst even have a husband. her name is MS maryetta 9.she stops the bus everyday inside Wendwood or Lost Forest to take roll. on a bus. after she took it when we walked on the bus. 10.we hate her so much we had to make a petiton 11.she loves mailmen-she defended them when we hit them with glue sticks 12."NO SEAT HOPPING ALLOWED" 13. she busts everyone 4 gum. i wouldnt b suprised if she busted us 4 having 10 fingers or smiling at her. shed say we were smoking! 14.she cant count so she puts signs with numbers over every seat 15. she busts the 7th graders 4 chewing pencil GRIPPERS!!!!!! 16.did i mention she hates children 17. she wont let u get off if ur stop is not an "official stop" 18.she hates the world and the world hates her. 19. i bet she is best friends with dr. lombardi! 20.the world would be a better place if ms maryetta bledsoe did not drive buses. or anything at all.
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    Sally, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Omg i h8 ms. maryetta she drives me insane! Thanks for putting this petetion up it could help!

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