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Palladium is an idea to enforce security in software. This means that if you were to try and rip an MP3 from a CD, the TCPA system may just DELETE the information from your harddrive, along with other things. If caught using unauthorized materials Microsoft will automatically report you to the appropriate authorities. Palladium is bad for many people, even those who don\'t use unauthorized material. What about those who don\'t have internet-acess. When trying to play a legal music-cd, they will be stopped because Palladium will be unable to authorize your actions with the main server. It seems that the main focus of Palladium is to get more users on broadband internet. While people on narrowband internet can most likely use Palladium, it would be a hassle. This would mean they would need to sign-on the internet every single time you need to perform an action on your computer, such as listen to music or play a game. That alone may persuade many users to switch over to broadband internet, something Microsoft may or may not have realized. In the past, many Intel customers have said that if Palladium takes effect, they will switch to AMD. AMD has now stated that their processors will NOT be Palladium compliant. By signing this petition you are boycotting any Palladium software/hardware. This petition will be sent to Microsoft, AMD and Intel if it recieves enoguh \"signatures\"


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Links - NextGen Gamer\'s article on Palladium. - FAQ on Palladium.


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