Against Whale Slaughter

On 16-20 June, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will meet in St. Kitts. This is the committee which banned whaling worldwide in 1986, although large numbers of whales are still being killed, many of these as a result of so-called \"scientific whaling\", which is allowed under an international loophole. This year, however, the Japanese lobby on the IWC will probably have purchased enough votes to overturn the ban and restart commercial whaling around the world. Whaling is often carried out in an atrocious and inhumane way. Examples of methods for killing whales include: * explosive harpoons, which puncture the skin of the whale and then explode inside the body. * capturing a whale and tying it to the side of a ship so that the blowhole is submerged and it slowly suffocates. * riddling the whale with bullets and letting it die slowly in agony Not only this, but many species of whales are now endangered due to this threat including the famous blue whale. Whaling countries have claimed that they hunt for scientific research, utilising the loophole in the IWC\'s ban, but other humane methods for collecting identical data already exist. There is no need for 25,000 whales to have been killed since 1986 because of this loophole. If the needless slaughter of some of nature\'s most beautiful and endangered animals concerns you, please sign this petition NOW urging the IWC NOT to reverse their ban and instead to eradicate this loophole. Thank you.


I\'m Emma Blackburn, and I have set up this petition because I believe that we can make a difference if enough people are motivated to add their voice.



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    Mikaela Lutwak, Canada

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    Alex Clifford, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: STOP
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    Alberto, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I do not understand as a pseron how people can talk down about a bunch of people going out to try to save an endangered species. The hump back is endangered and the whaling fleet is taking 50 a year. This mean\'s my kids may never have a chance to see them. All for money\' Is it right for us to kill off a hole species and leave nothing for our kids? All for money that will be spent long before the next generation is here. Do people not understand we are killing the world for Paper we made up how stupid can humans be something we made up is worth more to us then the world we live in and the Whales who do not hurt us in anyway. All they do is bring a smile to the face of every pseron who see\'s them. But for some reason some people will sit on the Internet doing nothing and talk down about people who are trying to stop it. In this instance the boat from Japan clearly turns. This is not good when a boat there size hits a boat as small as the Addy they could have killed the crew and are damn lucky they did not do so. I find it funny how you all talk about what happened in the last seconds. The Addy was in the same spot for a long time and watched all the other ships go by the boat that hit them was the last boat to pass there is no reason for them to even come anywhere near that close to a boat sitting in the water doing nothing almost out of fuel. Watch the whole show. The boat from japan could have turned away 500 yards before impact but no they went right at them. I guess the same people who sit on there computer talking trash about people trying to make a diff in the world cannot think more then just what the Video shows them. What a Surprise that is. I love when people compare Whales to cows and such things that we control the population of and say it is the same thing. Or say it is a part of there culture well in the USA we could say there culture is slavery .SWo is it ok to have slavery today? Hell no. Some things in cultures should be learned about in school and that\'s it.Fact of the matter is they are killing a massive amount of whales in the name of research for profit and someone has to stop it. To tell you the truth the pseron who said a pseron life should always come before that of a whale; you really have to sit back and think about the world we live in .Whales are not destroying the Earth. We are. Whales are not killing off whole species. We are. I wish there was something out there that would hunt humans just for a bit to show people what it would be like to have your whole world taken away for nothing. Whales will swim towards boats and come play in front of you. They\'re massive, smart and gentle. Shooting a harpoon that explodes on impact into it and making it suffer for up to an hour trying to get away as it drowns on its own blood is just plain wrong. I truly hope someone sinks their ships and everyone involved dies right there in the oceans as the whales play around them. A pseron lives on average 65 years and has a huge impact on the world around them and in most case\'s it is a bad one. A whale can live over 150 years and has little to no impact on the world around them and we think we are superior. Time to get our heads out of the sand before it is too late.
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