USA GAMBLING BAN! AFFECTS MORE THAN AMERICANS! Maybe someone can explain to me where in the Constitution it says the job of the Government is to protect me from myself Why is it, that the Government feels it can control what I do because something may be bad for me As I am sure most people already know that the President just signed a law that is aimed at stopping online gambling, and the reason they did this is to protect us from being stupid and losing all our money, yet I can go to AC, Vegas or one of the hundreds of Indian Casinos, and lose all my money there with out the Government saying anything. This makes no sense to me; they want to protect me from gambling, but not tobacco or one of the millions of other dangerous products that are on sale in our stores, so they are not really trying to protect us its more like they are trying to control what we can do and what we can not, as they see fit. My goal for this site is to eventually figure out how to make a petition page and gather as many signatures as possible, in hopes of getting them to reverse this stupid law. The truth of the matter is they did not outlaw internet gambling because its bad for us, they did it because of the approximately 12 billion dollars a year generated in online casinos, sports-books and poker rooms the American government gets zero dollars a year from it. Tobacco gives millions if not billions a year to lobby groups and in contributions to politicians to keep it legal and until online casinos agree to make regular payoffs to these officials gambling will stay banned. 88% of Americans in a recent Poll say: they Love on-Line Gambling. 7% of Americans say: they are Not Gamblers but think we have the right to decide for ourselves. only a small 5% of Americans say: they were against all forms of Gambling. Go to to help have these Laws overturned.


I just want to be able to know that people all over the world have the Right to choose their own behaviours.



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