An appeal to the UK Border Agency - re-evaluate your assessment of evidence regarding the financial threshold

How would you feel if you were told that there's not enough proof of your relationship to be allowed to be with the one you love? It happened to us and we're living a nightmare trying to get through it.

Of course the UK Border Agency should protect our economy and assess whether or not a non-EU partner will be financially supported if they move to the UK. However, in some cases, there are other ways of proving financial stability than the strict rules put in place by UKBA. In this particular case, two partners, who have done everything to be together have been denied the right to live in the same country by both the USA (because they are a same sex couple) and the UK (because the UK citizen cannot prove the last 6 months of earnings within the UK as she has given up everything to be with her partner in the USA). Michelle, the USA citizen has been offered a fantastic job which will provide 3 times the amount of financial support they need to see. Beth, the UK citizen has provided letters from current employers stating that based on previous earnings, she will have no problem meeting the financial threshold required. Other evidence has been provided to show financial security in the form of assets, retirement plans, support from family. The visa has still been denied. The system in this case has failed and we implore you to sign our petition to right this wrong. We respectfully ask the UKBA to reconsider this decision and to re-assess the parameters that have been put in place to assess financial support. We are individuals - not every case can be a tick in the small box you have created.

Thank you everyone for signing something that could change our lives and allow us to be together, finally.

Beth and Michelle

- Please read our story on the blog section of this petition if you haven't already.




  • David Stevenson This broke up my relationship, my ex has a daughter and is now living in London which I deem the only place where this threshold makes sense. Though I don't earn enough to meet the governments requirements, I do earn enough to support her and her daughter and I have enough saved up for a deposit on a house so she never would have been dependant on the state but we still did not meet this unfair financial threshold, it does not reflect the average person across the UK, it reflects London, I see this financial threshold as very narrow minded. I will be voting for Lib Dems next time as apparentley they blocked Theresa May from making the the financial threshold £40,000

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