FDA should give CFS patients access to Ampligen!

An estimated 4 million US citizens and 20 million worldwide are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME[CDC, CFIDS]. It's a life-threatening illness, as debilitating as MS[CDC]. There is no cure and no FDA-approved drug treatment.

Rintatolimod(Ampligen) has been undergoing FDA trials for over two decades and has benefited a great number of patients to no end and without ill effect.

An FDA Advisory Committee has recently seen fit to block marketing of Ampligen, even though they voted it safe for approval. Instead of encouraging drug companies to pinpoint the subset(s) of people who respond so well, theyexpect sponsors to attract millions of dollars without a return.Ampligen is safe and has been available in places like Canada and Brussels for 17 years.There is no alternative.

We urge the FDA toApprove Ampligen now.

Thanks to the efforts of people like patient/advocate Mr. Robert Miller, the FDA is inviting patients to attend its ME/CFS Stakeholder Workshopon April 25 and 26, 2013.

Find out how you can help herehttps://twitter.com/bobmiller42and show your support bysigning this petition. Share it with your friends and let the FDA know they too should hear us loud and clear: Let ME/CFS patients decide!

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Fred. Neither patient, doctor, nor investor. I was touched by testimony.


ME/CFS Facts


  • lorna walton We desperattly need help and this drug could make such a difference to our misserable lives, for Gods sake have some pity on us and help, thank you.

  • Meg Ritchie PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra Daley Been suffering for years now with little relief, I feel like I'm 30 going on 90. At least give people the opportunity to try, to try to get well.

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