No to Amnesty ! No to a Guest Worker Program for Illegals!

National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights petition against any Comprehensive Immigration Reform that includes Amnesty and a Guest Worker program for Illegals in the United States of America Whereas, The United States has more open borders without local law enforcement allowing greater illegal immigration, and Whereas, unions target newly legalized immigrants and unfairly win union elections without a secret ballot, and Whereas, Unions and Liberal democracts have added and expanded Davis Bacon prevailing wages to the private sector which would burden many small business with costs they cannot pay; now, therefore be it, Resolved, increase Border control to include a full fence, more border patrol and allow Local law enforcement to arrest illegals whereever they maybe Resolved, allow full secret ballot protections in the workplace for the \"newly legalized\" that make elections for a union fair and balanced Resolved, Repeal any Davis-Bacon provisions or Bills in Congress relating to future immigration Bills --Protect Small Business from union Tyranny!


Our Mission: * To bring dignity and the promise of freedom back to Workers and Employers ending the tyranny of the Unions by protecting Business growth and Employee rights. * The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights is a fresh conservative voice on the Hill on behalf of our broad membership of Workers and Businesses in the States. * The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights pledges a replacement of unjust labor laws and legislative programs pushed onto the American people by an ever more radical hierarchy of American labor organizations. * That end of Union\'s over reaching political power is near, the National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights through its National office and in every district of every state that is affected will turn the battle for our freedoms in the workplace.


109th Congress Links Senator Kyle\'s Republican Policy Committee paper \"Davis Bacon Expanded to private projects in Senate Immigration Bill\" Amnesty Republicans Create Wave of forced Unionism Business Groups not with you cut deal with unions instead The Real politics of Immigration


  • Jaime Larkins Its time to think about us Americans now. Time to take care of ourselves instead of every one else

  • rachel reed stop the illegals

  • steven pugh there are plenty of americans that need jobs save america jobs for americans.

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