American Foreclosure Act

With the recent increase in foreclosures across America millions of Americans are being denied employment opportunities Due to the fact that they have a foreclosure on their credit. Congress has decided to bail out the corporations & banks that were practicing the predatory lending acts that ultimately led to our nation's current financial situation.I would like the opportunity to introduce a much bigger problem in today’s society in the aspect of Predatory Lending Practices. As a result of such practice it is far more complicated then slapping a Foreclosure on someone’s credit. Please allow me to inform you of my family's situation. My husband, two children and I at the time lost our home due to a Surplus Loan in March of 2007. In losing our home my family was going through depression (mentally and emotionally). With that being said my husband tried to put in for a leave of absence with his employer (Transportation Security Administration). However, he was told that when a T.S.A. employee takes a leave of absence it will only be approved due to medical necessity or a family emergency. So, my husband was left with no choice but to resign his position. My husband has since begun looking for work and has been DENIED employment due to the FORECLOSURE placed on his credit. For example, he reapplied with T.S.A. in January 2008 and based on background and prior experiences he was invited to take a computerized assessment test. Shortly after taking the test he received an email with a scheduled interview. The interview was scheduled for 03/21/2008 which my husband did attend. A couple of weeks thereafter my husband received an email stating that he did not pass the final assessment. Which he later then found out that the final assessment test was a credit check. My husband then called T.S.A. headquarters to find out why he was DENIED a job that he previously held for 5 years. He was told that if he were to have the FORECLOSURE removed from his credit that he will not have any problems getting his job back! Not only did we have to go through the emotional distress of losing our home but now my husband is unable to find work. We have three children (8, 6 & 4 months old) I am the only one currently working. With that being said, I am currently a judges secretary in Orlando,Florida and I also work a part time job at Ross. I physically work 70+hours a week which denies me time to spend with my family. My situation is extremely frustrating and mentally exhausting. I have also have had to seek government help such as Food Stamps and Medicaid. My family is not the only victim of these predatory lending acts & we need to come together as fellow Americans to make a difference!!!



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    Reah Webb, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I bought my home when I was 21yrs old and kept it for 10yrs before it went into foreclosure. I had a great job at an Auto Auction until April 2005, I was able to barely keep my home for almost 5yrs after that, but do to the economy I was unable to find a decent paying job after losing the auction job and this eventually led to me losing my home.
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    Christopher Melvin, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    Eboney Moore, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I May be in the same boat in two weeks!
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