Are you in favour of reducing the number of municipalities in the Capital Regional District through amalgamation?

Thanks for signing! Although our many petition drives across Greater Victoria race far ahead in collected signatures, our online signing efforts are really picking up steam as more and more area residents search to add their voice for change!

To the Mayor and Council of my Greater Victoria municipality:

We, the signatories below, request that the following non-binding referendum question be placed on the 2014 Municipal Election ballot:

Are you in favour of reducing the number of municipalities in the Capital Regional District through amalgamation?


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The petition question is non-binding. It is intended to assist municipalities to recognize the desire of local residents for a democratic process to exercise their electoral franchise and to initiate further studies into service integration.

Signatories should identify their municipality of residence from the drop-down menu. Although the iPetition site will display it online as 'Victoria', the petition database will record the residence correctly.

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Capital Region Municipal Amalgamation Society Our Vision—is a vibrant, diverse and integrated regional community responsive to local needs through effective planning, co-ordination and delivery of services to ensure a high quality of life for current and future generations. Mission Statement—to achieve more effective and accountable governance within the capital region through municipal amalgamation. Values—participatory, inclusive, engaging, forward thinking, respectful, results oriented, goal driven, transparent and accountable.



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    Gary Buter

    2 days ago I live in the municipality of: : Colwood
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Petition highlights

  • Key Findings of the Angus Reid Global Poll These findings are taken directly from the ARG report and can be found in the last few pages. Overall, 84 per cent of respondents are in favour of amalgamation (50% are strongly in favour; 34% moderately in favour) 89 per cent of respondents support a non-binding referendum on amalgamation 80 per cent support having an independent, comprehensive cost-benefit study and analysis of amalgamation The top 3 most important issues facing the CRD today, according to respondents are: “sewage/waste water management” (56%); “coordination between municipalities” (52%); and “transportation” (44%) Over one quarter (26%) of respondents say there should be only one municipal government; 25 per cent say there should be four or five; 21 per cent say there should be three; 7 per cent say there should be 13
  • (UPDATE: Colwood Mayor and Council has decided to NOT ask the non-binding question citing no interest from their residents) We’ll have what they’re having - Recently Victoria and Colwood have agreed to place a non-binding referendum question on amalgamation on the next municipal ballot in November. Others will no doubt follow. Voters in these communities, representing over a quarter of the population of Greater Victoria, will have a chance to state a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ preference for their municipality to explore opportunities to cooperate for integration of service delivery. A ‘yes’ vote will trigger provincially-funded studies to determine the feasibility, benefits and costs of various models of integration. It will not trigger amalgamation. A ‘no’ vote will maintain the status quo. Here in Oak Bay, requests for a similar opportunity are brushed aside. Most councillors have responded negatively with a variety of reasons, e.g. being too busy, having no mandate, etc. Effectively, this translates into a belief that they already have a ‘no’ mandate. But do they? If our elected officials are certain of this position, then what is lost by posing the question? The cost of placing the question on the ballot is minimal. During the last decade, local government legislation was amended such that the province cannot force amalgamation. Fair enough. Any movement in that direction must come from the municipal governments themselves. Also fair enough. But what if a council refuses to seek a mandate from their electorate on the question? Is that fair? Normally, our system of government contains checks and balances to curb the excesses of power. But the current legislation has placed municipal councils in a serious conflict of interest, because power, once attained, is not easily relinquished. It’s a basic unsavoury aspect of our human nature, even for well-meaning council members. Refusing to allow residents the opportunity to deliver such a mandate, has the effect of denying basic democratic rights, and that seems like an abuse of power. If residents were smart enough to elect this council, are we not smart enough to give them a mandate through a non-binding referendum question? The need to implement cooperative relationships with neighbouring municipalities will not subside without a clear direction either way. Can we afford more needless deaths due to botched multi-jurisdictional policing and fragmented 911 systems problems? Are we satisfied to watch the squabbles of non-elected CRD members as their delays incur millions of dollars in excess costs? Can we ever hope to pay the cost of the Uplands sewer separation, now topping over $2,300 per Oak Bay household? Do we really need 13 fire chiefs and separate fire departments? Do we not cross the Blue Bridge and attend the McPherson/Royal theatres? Don’t we all write Victoria as our postal address? Are we disappointed by infrastructure planning that does not meet daily travel needs? Regardless of how residents answer the above questions, shouldn’t they at least be given the opportunity to exercise their electoral franchise and provide clear policy direction to our local government? Savvy politicians will recognize the gravity of this mess. It’s shaping up to be the key election issue in 2014 that will not go away, and municipal candidates across the region will be required to declare a clear position. We’d like what Victoria and Colwood are having. A little democracy. Lesley Ewing Oak Bay
  • Nanaimo is eating Greater Victoria's lunch because of 13 muni's, Mayors, 91 Council members. CFAX 1070, Ian Jessop interviews Sasha Angus, CEO, Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation January 28, 2014. Mr. Angus was Manager, Communications Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Manager, Policy and Government Affairs Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Development Officer Greater Victoria Development Agency. Mr. Angus is the now CEO of Economic Development Nanaimo and he aims to take business out of Greater Victoria and move them to Nanaimo. Its fair to say Mr. Angus is fully aware of the strengths of the Greater Victoria area, and weaknesses. Mr. Angus has recently launched an aggressive advertising campaign targeted to Victoria businesses, enticing them to move from Greater Victoria and into Nanaimo. An example of a company that recently moved to Nanaimo that Angus held up is a company who praised the Nanaimo City Council and City Staff for making it easy to invest in the community. 40 jobs is what the company brought to the community. Yes, Greater Victoria's 13 Mayors and 91 Council members is talked about, in the light of how this does not provide 'predicable processes' for business and is a detriment to attracting business to Greater Victoria. Business people want predictability, 13 Mayors and 91 Councillors in 13 municipalities and a Central Region government body for 360,000 does not provide predictability. Angus is cashing in on that. Angus also noted Nanaimo has affordable housing, great transportation logistics and a better cost of doing business. Angus is cashing in on that. You can start listening at 39.10 to get to the 'meat' of the conversation. You need to sign the petition, tell your municipality to get the non-binding question on the ballot. If it gets on the ballot, if the returning vote is yes, research will begin, community engagement ensues. We need to resolve our issues quickly, Nanaimo is eating our lunch. Do it today, SIGN. (Please pass on to your network)
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