Free Alva Hank Worley, time served

Introduced thru an ex-wifes husband, Alva Hank Worley went along w/a serial killer not knowing what was in store for the night nor that Kenneth Allen McDuff was a mass murderer. They were going 4 pot & w/o notice a kidnapping took place and lives were threatened. Hank\'s childrens lives were endanger if he is not take part in the crime. He was threatened with a gun. He did take action in the sexual assualt of Colleen Reed, but did not murder her. He has served over 1/3 of his time and should be released. He fell under the grandfather clause before the new law took place. The sister to the victim & her friends are trying to keep Hank in jail for the whole 40 yrs. What would you do if you were in a situation, get killed & not be able to save your kids or not saying anything, but turn yourself in 3 1/2 months later. He was scared! If you believe this man deserves a chance to live outside with his family, please do what you think is best, and if you believe please forward this site to a friend or relative. Many families have been in this same kind of case, we know you are out there. We need the support of people who know this wrong can be made into a RIGHT! Thank you all! P.S. If you want to leave your address or telephone number it is optional and this is kept PRIVATE. It will not be listed for everyone to view. I would appreciate this info if you would like to leave it.




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    5 years ago Comments: Worley and MacDuff should have been straped down side by side and executed together. Worley has NEVER,not once,in his lying,drug and alcohol blurred useless life. Accomplished ANYTHING to prove he is even deserving to use the same oxygen,food,and water law abiding citizens use. I hope he dies in priosn with a 12 inch penis crammed up his ass,just like that poor woman he helped MacDuff rape and murder. The author of this stupid petition oughta think about these things before the go crying for an amoeba who is a shit stain on the blanket of life.
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    jacob melendez, United States

    8 years ago Comments: i read the book "BAD BOY FROM ROSEBUD"and the testimony's from
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    jane, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I disagree with this petition. I went to school with Hank. I can remember back when I was in 6th grade he was always in trouble. I knew in the 6th he would do something bad. When I saw him on the news I was not surprised.
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