Algerians practised some non human violence

Algerians practised some non human violence during and after the World cup qualifications match against Egypt. They didn't respect the Fifa regulations and didn't abide with the Fifa's fair play standard, on the other hand they constantly showed signs of hatred , violence in the match and after the match were alot of innocent Egyptian fans which included some stars, famillies, women, kids were all victims of the Algerian attacks thrown by rocks, hit by knives and even worse and the proof is everywhere. This is just not fair to the right of Football and is definatley not the spirit this sport should follow, nor are these actions of a progressing mature society. therefore im asking if not to do a rematch where the Fifa takes total control on the actions, then ban the Algerians from participating in this sport or the event which should symbolize Fair Play and peace between all nations in the love of football.


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    mahmoud sherif khalil, Egypt

    5 years ago
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    Juan, Spain

    5 years ago
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    Amr Abou Hussein, Egypt

    5 years ago Comments: Please I am writing this to reflect how every Egyptian is feeling towards the inhumanity and unfairness of the actions of the Algerian fans. Their actions pushed the limits of how far unsporting behavior can reach and i am urging whomever this may concern that they seek our rights as football fans and to abolish such actions from ever happening again. Please consider the high emotions running through every Egyptian and make us sleep better at night. Thank You
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