Alan Amos must resign as Mayor of Worcester and councillor for Worcester City Council.

Sign if you agree that Alan Amos, Mayor of Worcester should resign and vacate his seat for Warndon Ward.


  • Ted Elgar NB_ The 1000 signatures total was totally arbitrary and set by ipetitions.
    It would be great to get anywhere near that, but if we get to 500 I will pop round to Alan's house and deliver him a copy by hand.

  • Alan Green Whats gone on with all this is just a disgrace, it just shows what sort of people are on the council, not all of them but its the same old names that come up, they are like a load of spoilt brats and ego seekers who will stab each other in the back when they get the chance, its displayed as politics but its all a game to them, what about the taxpayers who they are supposed to represent?

  • Alison Cockrell What an absolute disgrace this whole sordid affair is , he was voted in as a labour councillor , how can he represent his constituents ? What a cheek this man has .

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    Richard Clarke

    7 months ago Comments: -
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    Hannah Moloney

    7 months ago Comments: The acts of Alan Amos and the Conservative counsellors who voted are shameful. They bring nothing but disrespect for the role, politicians in general and shame on a beautiful city. Disgusting behaviour!
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    Marilyn Brazier

    7 months ago Comments: My son went to collect my grandson from school,hew very suprised to see him sulking in the corner, he was sent off from the football-match for changing sides depending who on who was winning, True story but he was only four.
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