Stop Changing Americas Schools!

The following students, staff, and families that have signed this document are in agreement of the following terms and disapprove of the Board of Education in Colbert County Alabama for Three-A schools: The lunches over the past few years has changed and we do not agree with how it's going, we want the lunches back from a few years ago, where there was fries everyday and the Board would not worry about our physical condition. If a student that attends a local school is overwieght, that is a personal problem that can be solved in the privacy of their own house but not for the Board to try and fix. The block system needs to be brought back and replace the seven period schedule. The blocks were better and more efficient the the periods. Shirts should not be tucked in if the student chooses not to tuck it in. This is an outrage!!! P.D.A. is a sincetive subject but holding hands and hugging should be allowed. Now you go to the office if either one of these actions are seen!!! You get suspended for getting caught with a cell phone!!! Take it up for a day or a week but suspention is out of the question!!! Layinf on your desk sleeping should not be permitted but if you do so you should be warned not get sent to the office!!! Last but certainly not least, there has been talk about making schools coed... this is not exceptable!!! The Board is now trying to say that girls and boys should have seperate classes!!! And for what Note passing... P.D.A... TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!! Warn us or Move us from each other but don't seperate us!!!


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