A Public Inquiry into the Operations of Air Canada

We,the undersigned,do hereby call for an official inquiry into the customer service standards of our national air carrier,Air Canada.In the wake of the recent tremendous public outcry against the deplorable service offered by Air Canada to its passengers,we feel it is incumbent upon the Government of Canada to commission a full public inquiry into the operating standards of Air Canada. Please leave your comments.Air Canada WILL be seeing this.There is strength in numbers and I assure you,SOMEONE will be held accountable for the business practices of Air Canada.Please mention this to anyone you think may have an interest in this issue. Note: This is NOT a discussion forum.Opposing viewpoints are welcome at our Facebook page,not here.Or if you want,email us at Rbwbaker@msn.com. Any postings other than those related to this cause will immediately be deleted !! So if you want to spend 5 minutes typing,only to have it erased,go right ahead. Bob and Wendy Baker *edit* August 5,08 It appears as though the Minister has nixed the idea of any sort of inquiry.Truth be told,we had faint hopes of that in the beginning anyway.But this petition has turned into a sounding board for almost 1300 angry,fed-up Air Canada customers,and we welcome all the comments and stories.So by all means,add your name to the petition,share your story,and let\'s make a difference.People are taking notice,as we have just recently been contacted by several prominent newspapers,as well as TV stations.This issue is still very much alive,and we are not giving up until Air Canada is held accountable for the deplorable way it has treated us well-paying customers. Please note that while you do have to submit your name,you may check the box to have it displayed as \"anonymous\".And be assured that all names will be held confidential up to and until the petition gets presented to the powers that be. Questions may be directed to rbwbaker@msn.com Bob and Wendy


Bob and Wendy Baker Rbwbaker@msn.com CBS,NL


\"Air Canada Screwed me !!\" Our Facebook site...some of the comments are heartbreaking http://www.facebook.com/group.phpgid=7230111518 CTV newscast about our ordeal........ http://www.facebook.com/share_redirect.phph=02d9b0d7ee6fdfb9dae1badfbf749a6c&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ctv.ca%2Fservlet%2FHTMLTemplate%3Ftf%3D%2Fctv%2Fmar%2Fvideo%2Fnew_player.html%26cf%3Dctv%2Fmar%2Fctv.cfg%26hub%3DCTVNewsAt11%26video_link_high%3Dmms%3A%2F%2Fctvbroadcast.ctv.ca%2Fvideo%2F2007%2F12%2F17%2Fctvvideologger3_197890139_1197929464_500kbps.wmv%26video_link_low%3Dmms%3A%2F%2Fctvbroadcast.ctv.ca%2Fvideo%2F2007%2F12%2F17%2Fctvvideologger3_197890138_1197927976_218kbps.wmv%26clip_start%3D00%3A00%3A26.09%26clip_end%3D00%3A09%3A59.19%26clip_caption%3DCTV%2520Atlantic%3A%2520Reporters%2520with%2520the%2520holiday%2520heartbreak%26clip_id%3Dctvnews.20071217.00226000-00226888-clip1%26subhub%3Dvideo%26no_ads%3D%26sortdate%3D20071216%26slug%3Dmaritimes_storm_071217%26archive%3DCTVNews&sid=6910368739


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    samya, Pakistan

    1 year ago Comments: I didn't knew about the policy until I was checking in my luggage. I was told by a lady representative that I have to check in my stroller or else just leave. I was appalled at the harsh attitude and tried to explain that Im taking my 16 months old baby alone and had 2 layover for 3 and 6 hours but it fell on deaf ears. and then I saw a 2 couples with strollers, one with a twin stroller double my size, and the other with those big stroller with wheels the size of a kids bike. and then I saw them going into first class, and I knew.....its not the stroller, its my ticket....well that did it...it was my last trip with air Canada
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    Nathan Rolston, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I know when I fly Air Canada I can be guaranteed at least 3 of the following; lost luggage, rude flight attendants, luggage looking like it was dragged the whole way, flight not being on time, getting bumped.
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    social bookmarking service, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: ZDg572 Thanks so much for the post. Will read on...
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