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Dear Dr. Agnese, The purpose of this letter is to bring light to a recent statement made by you in a March 13th article entitled \"Medical Forte\" in the business section of Express News/MySA.com. We believe this statement to be false, misleading, exaggerated, void of factual base, unprofessional, and irresponsible. Furthermore, there is a question as to whether the statement was made with the purpose of boosting interest in the new School of Optometry at UIW. Your statement, \"an Optometrist in Texas can expect to make $150,000 a year immediately after graduation\" is troubling to many in the profession of Optometry. We challenge you to make known the facts that led you to make such a statement. We believe that such facts do not exist. Irresponsible claims, such as this, create unrealistic and lofty expectations for students considering the various graduate health professions. Perhaps, this was the purpose of your statement. Creating lofty, all be unrealistic, expectations for new graduates could only help increase the number of applicants to UIW. However, increasing the number of applicants is no justification for the dissemination of false information. Dr. Agnese, we encourage you to conduct your own informal interview of the Class of 2007 from the University of Houston College of Optometry. Their personal experiences would reveal starting salaries of Optometrists well below your statement. As you know, the UIW Mission states


Principal Sponsor Russell Beach, O.D. Virginia Beach, VA marlowbeach@yahoo.com


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    david meszaros O.D., United States

    7 years ago Comments: Most new students comming out are going to end up working for chains. They will not be making 150K. What they will be doing is rushing throgh exams because a 20 year old manager with no medical background is scheduling 2patients per 20 minutes! And if they can't handle it they will not have their contract renewed. This is disheartening and decreases service to the patient. It is very cut throat out here. If you don't give in to cooroperate wishes some, you won't make it. I've been working cooroperate stores for 10 years now and make120K per year and I am lucky. Optometry in this state has shifted to speed and volume to compensate for competition. Exams in most walmarts and costcos to this day are 29 10 39 dollars. Add up how many exams you would need to do to get 150K, don't forget your 20% cut off the top to the store. We don't need more competition. We have streamlined all we can. The only thing that can happen now is deceased patient flow because too many O.D.s and loss of revenue. I seen this in the south florida area were optomrtrist out of school are getting only 75-85K per year. Be honest with these kids. they're going to have families to support one day
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    John C. Derickson, OD, MBA, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The idea that the average OD will earn $150K out of school is downright false. The average salaries of OD's reported in Optometric Management alone disprove this. If you survey the field the evidence mounts. Please do not entice additional people to the field with false hopes.
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    Lorraine Labiento, United States

    7 years ago
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