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When they decide to close Age of Empires 3 Multiplayer one day we can at least have this petition to give them & to show our support for this game.

The Age of Empires series created back on October 15th 1997, since then it gained an ever growing and strong community of loyal supporters and fans of the Age of Empires series. Sept 9th 2008 Ensemble Studios announced it would be closing since then after selling the Age series to Robot Entertainment our once great community has been ignored and left to deteriorate. The Age of Empires Community was possibly one of the strongest and most successful gaming communities on the web. Please sign this petition and show your support for the Age of Empires series before they once again shut us down again. This way if the worse happens we can at least submit this petition to them and show we care.

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[AUZCC] - Australia Carnage Crew [obs_] - no rated plz [NofW] - Nation of Warriors [_EB_] - EXTREME BULLETS [SotK] - Service of the King [SmarT] - Really Smart Peoples [=АǿŴ=] - The Age of Win


Age of Empires Community

Age of Empires 3: Nation of Warriors

Age of Empires 3: Age of Win

Nation of Warriors Youtube

shydude0007 Youtube


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    Jonathan Daniel Surratt, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I'm a life long AOE fan ever since Rise of Rome. Please do not end the AOE series!!
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    Josiah Aka Jonish, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: I've been playing the Age series since AoE I way back when and have enjoyed each installment of the series since. I recently repurchased AoE3, TWC and AD for mac and have been playing online again, loving being able to experience multiplayer on a game I've loved for years. It would be a great loss to our community and a sad way to see the hours of dedication from those who built the game to those who have played it come to an end. Please keep the multiplayer alive!
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    Sam, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: poor show
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