No Stanard Attire for Metro Schools

Standard Attire stiffles creativity. It is not needed and a waste of time.The website even states that there is very little conclusive evidence to show that SA does anything to improve schools.Not only that,but they haven't even polled majority of students,the ones who would be wearing these uniforms.Let's take a stand and have our voices heard! Pass this petition around and e-mail it back to me [Samantha Long] at Thanks!!


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    Alicia, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I recently transferred from a private school which has uniforms and I am absolutely against SSA. Creativity struggles to survive in a school in which the students cannot express themselves through clothing. At least in the case of uniforms, they did not limit us in accessories and if we felt the need to bend the policy the school listened to the opinions of the students and changed them. SSA causes more anger than peace at the fact that students' possible fashionable creations are limited in patterns! Now, I'm not sure about other people, but never have stripes or a little splash of color distracted me. Constant surveillance is required by teachers to attempt to catch a momentary lapse of apparel judgement by students, and precious time that could be spent teaching is wasted by correcting clothing. As several people have pointed out, statistics do show that SSA does not make a difference in grades and why should it All you are doing is making the people you should be trying to convince to love learning, become leaders, and relish creativity angry at the fact that they aren't being listened to. School should prepare us for the real world, and I feel that the real world does not have SSA. Also, being able to make good wardrobe decisions are widely cherished skills. We should be learning how to dress appropriately for things such as job interviews. I am quite certain that if SSA is abolished it will be appreciated by students and not affect the learning process in a negative way.
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    Dylan, United States

    8 years ago
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    Tyler Whitaker, United States

    8 years ago Comments: There are NO good arguments for SSA. It does nothing to level the playing field. I have NEVER been distracted by inappropriate clothing at school. If I'm not focused, it is because I'm tired, or drawing, or reading. It isn't because of my wardrobe.
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